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Howard Ketover - WLAERHoward Ketover, DVM

Director/President & Instructor

I want to give large animals in Wisconsin their best chance of surviving emergency situations.
Dr. Howard Ketover received his Bachelor’s and DVM degrees from Colorado State University before opening Irongate Equine Clinic in 2008. During his daily practice, Howard encountered emergency and rescue situations that his traditional training had not prepared him for. In those emergencies, Howard wanted to do more for the animals he loves and cares for, and so began additional training in 2006.

Today, Howard has completed many courses and training sessions in large animal emergency rescue, including training from Rope Rescue Technician I & II, Disaster Animal Response Team, Large Animal Rescue Company, and Technical Large Animal Emergency Response, as well as various certifications from the Department of Homeland Security. His goal with WLAER is to improve the health of animals and the safety of personnel by teaching handling and rescue techniques to veterinarians and first responders.


IMG_9058 Captain John Palmer MZFD 05-23-16



John Palmer

Director/Treasurer & Instructor

John Palmer’s career has been largely dedicated to helping others. After serving in the Army and while serving in the Army National Guard, John became a volunteer firefighter. He served in Lodi for almost twenty years, achieving the rank of Captain before relocating to Mazomanie. In his new town, John is still serving on the Fire Department as Rescue Captain in addition to working as a Security Department Field Training Officer at St. Mary’s Hospital.

Through some family involvement with horses, John came to have his own Paint gelding, Ranger, and a favorite veterinarian – Howard Ketover. After discussing their mutual interests in emergency rescue and responder training, John became a member of WLAER’s board, where he supports the organization in many capacities.

One of John’s favorite aspects of WLAER is that it brings people together to work toward common goals: keeping animals and first responders safe. In fact, WLAER’s model relies on community involvement and support. John is very excited to be doing this work and if you have any questions, please contact him!