Two Hour Fire Department Awareness Class


The Awareness level class we offer focuses on key concepts that are already utilized by fire services but should be examined and implemented in a different light. The topics we introduce are designed to spur thought, interest, and enthusiasm in dealing with Large Animal Response by discussing the animals’ behavior and their responses to the actions taken by rescuers, general and critical concepts such as immediately available containment, some direct manipulation techniques, and an overview of trailer incident management. A general overriding theme of the talk is safety for our personnel, the public, and the animals we are trying to help. The two-hour Awareness level class is formatted to meet the guidelines as presented in Chapter 17 of the NFPA 1670-2014 edition. Some of the topics and instruction begin to introduce Operations level guidelines but are limited to safety concepts and increasing efficiency while on the scene.

The training is accomplished in two sections: a PowerPoint lecture and a hands-on portion with 800-pound articulated training mannequins. Each section is about one hour in duration and is not limited in the number of officers that can take part, but 15-40 individuals are optimal.

If your department is interested in completing this training, please contact us to set up a session.

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