Multi-Day Training


This course is for individuals and departments that are looking to move their department into an Operational level understanding of Large Animal Rescue. Concepts that are discussed in Awareness level trainings are expanded upon, with additional emphasis on unique challenges faced in LAR situations. Significant emphasis is placed on hands-on training, which, through exposure and repetition, increases participants’ comfort and understanding of emergency situations affecting large animals.

Course topics include:

    • Large animal rescue (LAR) history, concepts, community outreach, preparedness, traditional response, and issues surrounding traditional response
    • How LAR ties into Incident Command System (ICS)
    • Individual LAR roles, including veterinarian, animal control, fire, law enforcement, state, county, owner, animal caregiver, public, and media
    • Personnel protection equipment and other equipment
    • Approach and arrival to scene: size-up situational awareness and work zone
    • Animal behavior: flight zone; senses: sight, smell, touch, hearing; understanding large animals in distress; reactions: fear, flight, herd mentality
  • Specific rescue techniques: forward, backward and sideways assist, rollover in confined and unconfined space, lifting for rescue and medical suspension, trailer, mud, ice, water well/hole extractions
  • Containment, and adaption of emergency response equipment
  • How to integrate concepts into daily work/practice: loading and unloading patients, standing v. rescue glide.

Hands-on practical learning includes:

  • Utilization of equipment (rescue knots, emergency halter, vertical lift tie)
  • Techniques for rolling, assists, lifts
  • Bundling, rescue glide
  • Mechanical advantage system
  • Rolling/righting a trailer
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